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Everyone has clutter. It's part of our modern-day reality. Whether you packed it up to bring with you to your new home, or you need help clearing a path to a cleaner, more organized and efficient space where you live now--we've got you covered.

We help you reclaim your home, office, storage unit, attic, basement, or garage--clearing obstacles to make room for peace of mind, simplicity, efficiency and ease.


Your personal and professional space shouldn't be stressful, in fact, just the opposite. But for many, organization is a skill they were never taught or never mastered. Which is why we teach the art of organization, making it a lifelong practice... and a pleasure.

We get you comfortable with letting go of attachments to things and get to the the heart of what you actually need and use. We also make it easy to show us "your dirty laundry" without embarrassment (trust us, we've seen it all)--empowering you to purge, sort, and place in ways that feel safe, comfortable and perfectly suited to you. The freedom sorting and purging affords you--is truly beyond compare.

Our founder, Christie Goren, learned the art of space clearing and Energetic Feng Shui from world-renowned space clearing guru and author, Karen Kingston. We take these proven skills, tools and techniques and apply them to helping clients overcome the root causes of clutter and disorganization--leading to a lifetime of organizational freedom.

Our At-A-Glance Methodology and 15 Minute Refresh System put control back in your hands--and your stuff in clear view, and at your fingertips. No excess. No clutter. No excuses. Just the freedom to live a clearer, happier, healthier and more efficient life.

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