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Moving into a new home shouldn't be focused on the agony of unpacking boxes. Instead, it should be about the joy of possibility. An understanding of how each room flows. An inventory of available spaces, cabinets, closets and shelves, and how you'll use them, maximize them, live, work and play with and around them--and how to make every space efficient, functional, comfortable, convenient, you-centered... and home.

At Uncluttered, we take the time to know you, your habits, your needs, and your stuff--and then use that information to make your new living space as organized as possible.

What's more, our organization strategies and purge techniques last far beyond the move. We'll show you how to reduce clutter, get organized, and stay that way--with systems that seem effortless and natural. No hassle, just practical strategies for a better-managed life.

When your home works the way you do, as soon as you settle in, it's not just one less thing to worry about--it makes your new home, and new life, as close to perfect as they're gonna get. 

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