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Closets & Drawers

Whether starting from scratch--with empty closets and big ideas--or with shelves and drawers that are teeming with clothes, shoes and bags--we help you create usable, functional, at-a-glance storage spaces designed for 

efficiency and stress-reduction.

Our Closet & Drawer Services begin with The Edit where we identify what you and your family uses, wears and needs most. We then take excess,  and non-seasonal items, and determine what to do with them, where to store them, or if you even need them at all. Much of The Edit is purging--while also making smart choices based on how you really live, what you actually wear, and what you truly need.

We then teach you the tricks of the trade, like vertical folding to make all clothes visible and reachable. And matching hangers to keep clothes more streamlined and compact. We aren't about hiding, stacking, and shoving into boxes and under beds. We're about visibility, usability and systems that are simple -- and that work!

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