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When moving in or just wanting a more efficient kitchen, we start with YOU first. Your family, your habits, your needs, your cooking (or not cooking) style... and your stuff. All of the tools, pans, glasses, silverware, bowls, plates, spoons, appliances and every, every in between. 

We then match your usable space, storage, drawers, pantries and countertops with your needs and your things to create a kitchen thats highly functional, easy to use and easy to maintain.

Our REAL LIFE organization strategies are designed around real people, real families and the realities of maintaining a home--day-in and day-out. Together, we make your kitchen what YOU need it to be and make it easy for you to keep it that way.


We sort, purge and place in logical ways that make the act of cutting back simper and maximizing space--the natural outcome.

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